1st MRF Symposium, August 2010

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  • The first MRF Symposium was held in Colorado.  It was hosted by the Brethren of Enlightenment Lodge No, 198.  We believed that the Craft would benefit from a weekend of workshops and presentations focused on assisting Lodges to make the utmost of their Masonic experience. This effort was continued with success over the next four Symposiums. 


Renowned speakers included: WB Bob Davis, WB Andrew Hammer, WB Mark Tabbert,  WB Cliff Porter, WB Rob Herd, WB Tim Hogan and a special presentation by nationally acclaimed author and speaker Timothy Freke, NY Times bestselling author of The Jesus Mysteries:



 WB Roger Tigner manning the Registration Desk


 Piping in the Colors

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    President of the MRF Robert G. Davis, ushered in a new era for the Masonic Restoration Foundation.

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     WB Cliff Porter

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     WB Mark Tabbert

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     WB Andrew Hammer

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     WB Rob Herd

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     WB Tim Hogan

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     Author and speaker Timothy Freke

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Nationally renowned author and speaker Timothy Freke, NY Times bestselling author of “The Jesus Mysteries”.

Lunch at “Giuseppe’s Depot Restaurant”, the train depot in downtown Colorado Springs, CO

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 Scotch and Cigar mixer at Colorado Springs Cobalt Club

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1st – 2010: Enlightenment Lodge No. 198, Colorado Springs, CO

2nd – 2011: Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22, Alexandria VA

3rd – 2012: Academia Lodge No. 847, Oakland CA

4th – 2013: Phoenix Lodge No. 105, Manchester, NH

5th – 2014: Cincinnati Masonic Center, Cincinnati OH (Jointly hosted by four Lodges:  Lodge Vitruvian No. 767 (IN), Caliburn Lodge No. 785 (OH), Arts & Sciences Lodge No. 792 (OH) and Lodge Ad Lucem No. 812 (PA).)

6th – 2015: Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. (Fritz Lodge No. 308 and Fiat Lux Lodge No. 1717)

Master Masons, plan to attend the 7th annual, set for 2016, in Asheville,NC and the 8th annual, set for 2017, in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Look for details as they are released on the MRF home page