NBC’s Inside Dateline: Secrets of ‘The Lost Symbol’

On Friday, October 14, 2009, NBC presented a special “Dateline” program which focused on Freemasonry and the role it played in Dan Brown’s novel “The Lost Symbol”. When NBC producers inquired among their contacts in the Masonic community as to which lodge would be an appropriate setting for their filming, and whose members would be able to contribute to their interviews, they were directed to Enlightenment Lodge No. 198. During the program, several members of Enlightenment Lodge were interviewed in the famed Egyptian Room at the Colorado Springs Masonic Center.

“Secrets of the Lost Symbol” will take viewers behind the scenes of the secretive brotherhood of the Freemasons in an attempt to make sense of what is fact and what is fiction for all Brown’s fans,

…and find out from the Freemasons themselves what he got right, and what he got wrong.








All five parts of the NBC Special, including interviews with Brethren of Enlightenment Lodge :

Secrets Of The Lost Symbol – Part 1

Secrets Of The Lost Symbol – Part 2

Secrets Of The Lost Symbol – Part 3

Secrets Of The Lost Symbol – Part 4

Secrets Of The Lost Symbol – Part 5